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Aerotech Kits



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Aerotech Kits

Aerotech Cheetah.jpg




Like its namesake, this rocket is simply fast!

The Cheetah is also AeroTech’s altitude champ,

soaring to over 3000 feet on "G" power.

Our patented no-wadding ejection system

and nylon parachute bring this cat back home

flight after flight.



Length: 32"/81 cm

Diameter: 1.9"/4.7 cm

Weight (without motor): 10oz/280gms

Fins: 3






Our trademark rocket. Pronounced
"aero," the Arreaux's payload section
makes it perfect for lofting altimeters,
accelerometers, and other experimental
projects. With "G" powered
flights approaching 3000 feet, this
rocket cranks!
Length: 43"/109 cm
Diameter: 1.9"/4.7 cm
Weight (without motor):
Fins: 3

HV Arcas

This replica is 60% the size of the actual high velocity
Arcas sounding rocket and features
precision moulded fins, authentic decals, a data
plate and detailed engineering blue-print.
Length: 56"/142 cm
Diameter: 2.6"/6.7 cm
Weight (without motor): 22oz/620gms
Fins: 4


(See photo at bottom of page)


For those who want to fly a really big
rocket, the Mirage is it! Lift-offs are
impressively slow and realistic when
this 7 foot monster roars off the pad
on "G" power. Recovery is on two
big nylon parachutes.
Length: 87"/220 cm
Diameter: 2.6"/6.7 cm
Weight (without motor):
Fins: 3


3,000 foot flights, striking
self-adhesive graphics, moulded
fins, and a durable nylon
parachute give the Mustang
performance and value that
can't be equalled in any other
mid-power rocket kit.
Length: 32"/81 cm
Diameter: 1.9"/4.7 cm
Weight (without motor):
Fins: 4



Initiator Starter Set

The Initiator Starter Set is the perfect introduction to the thunderous experience of E, F, and G powered rockets. 

This comprehensive set of kits includes the over 3 foot tall Initiator rocket, Mantis launch pad, Interlock 12 volt launch controller, and complete illustrated assembly instructions.  

Starter Set Components

The Initiator Rocket Kit

The Initiator established AeroTech's reputation for innovative and versatile advanced rocket design. Large, colourful, adhesive decals and moulded
plastic fins make it easy for you to achieve great looking results.

Length: 39"/99 cm
Diameter: 2.6"/6.7 cm
Weight (without motor): 14oz/400gms
Fins: 3

Mantis Launch Pad
The Mantis is perfect for flying both mid-power rockets (E, F, G) and small model rockets (A through D) as it accepts 1/4", 3/16" and 1/8" launch rods. Mantis makes loading a rocket easy with a swing-arm that can lower the launch rod to a horizontal position. Loaded rockets sit well off the ground for comfortable igniter hook up. Mantis is the only mid-power rocket launch pad that allows launch rod elevation and azimuth adjustments to be made without having to pick up and move the entire launcher. Mantis comes with a two-piece 1/4" diameter launch rod.


Also sold separately  $129.95

Interlock Launch Controller
A launch controller is only as good as it is safe and convenient. When armed, the Interlock controller emits a warning tone to alert spectators to a possible launch
and after firing the Key Eject system automatically disarms the firing circuit for the utmost in personal protection. Our Interlock controller is conveniently
designed to hook up directly to your car's 12 volt battery and to assist in placing you at a safe launch distance, incorporates 40 feet of heavy-duty power cord.

Also sold separately $76.95

Interlock Igniter Clip


Included with the package 

Also sold separately $6.75



Aerotech HV Arcas 

  Aerotech HV Arcas on a CTI Pro 29 Smokey Sam


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