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Coast Rocketry offers the widest available range of shock cords in Canada. 

The 9/16" tubular nylon is available by the foot or pre-sewn lengths of either 12 feet or 25 feet

The 3/4" tubular nylon is an extra strong grade and is the same strapping used in Air - Sea rescue. Available in any length you desire. It offers excellent value 

 The 1" tubular nylon is extremely strong and an outstanding value. It's is used in larger rockets up to and including level 4 projects.



Nylon Shock Cords




9/16" Tubular Nylon

Any Length

.50 / Foot

3/4" Tubular Nylon

Any Length

.79 / Foot

1" Tubular Nylon

Any Length

.95 / Foot




Pre-sewn Shock Cords




9/16" Tubular Nylon - Pre-sewn

12' Long

$11.95 each

9/16" Tubular Nylon - Pre-sewn

24' Long

$24.95 each


Elastic Shock Cords




3/8"  Elastic Shock Cord

8.5 Ft Long

$ 3.99 each

1/2"  Elastic Shock Cord

12 Ft Long

$ 6.99 each

3/4"  Elastic Shock Cord

15 Ft Long

$ 11.99 each

1/2" Black Strap Nylon with sewn ends

12' Long

$8.95 each



Introducing... Titan Tubular Kevlar Cord!

Great for rockets rockets of any size including 6", 7" and (far) beyond. This is a very flexible and low weight Tubular Kevlar shock cord that fits easily into large airframes (it will even fit 3" and 3.9" airframes if you feel you need the strength).


Titan Cord made from Tubular Kevlar





1/8" Tubular Kevlar

For Rockets under 3"

$ 0.89 / ft

1/4" Tubular Kevlar

For 3 and 4" Rockets

$1.19 / ft

1/2" Tubular Kevlar

For 5" and larger rockets

$1.95 / ft







2000 Degree Chute Protectors of KEVLAR®

  7. 5 oz heavy duty Kevlar® to protect your chutes!

KEVLAR® has a high heat rating and is more resistant to tearing & blow-through than other products. Protect your rocket with KEVLAR®



9" for up to 2.6" airframe


12" for up to 3.9" airframe


15" for up to 7.5" airframe


20" Xtra Large Pad



TECH NOTE: To protect against hot ejection gases, rocketeers use a variety of methods. Some use cellulose. It's cheap, - - gases can bleed through and burn recovery systems. It`s also messy and very inconvenient - - you have to drag a bag of cellulose around. After all that money and time spent on your rocket, don't you want more protection than a handful of shredded paper?

Instead, rocketeers have discovered KEVLAR®, a material used by firefighters and others. CHUTE PADS of KEVLAR® have a buttonhole (over 1” wide) to allow the shock cord to pass through, so it forms a permanent part of your recovery system. Just fold your chute normally, slide the pad up the shockcord and cradle it around the chute. Insert chute into rocket with the KEVLAR® facing the ejection charge. That's it! The pads are inexpensive, and they last virtually forever. And they'll take a direct blast of ejection charge with no harm done. Compared to a piston, CHUTE PADS of KEVLAR® are much lighter, less expensive, don't take up space, and are maintenance-free. They are a popular product. Why are GIANT LEAP'S products of KEVLAR® great?

  1. Made with KEVLAR®, which has a high heat rating. KEVLAR® prevents tearing and blow-through which can damage a chute.
  2. Pads are rounded, not square. Square pads don't fold well in round tubes and increase the chances of blow-by.
  3. Pads have the button hole offset to the side. There are no holes or rings in the center, so you get maximum protection where you need it most.
  4. Affordable protection for your recovery system.

Shockcord Protector Sleeves of KEVLAR®



WARNING: Nylon shockcords repeatedly exposed to hot ejection blasts will degrade and eventually fail. PROTECT THEM with SLEEVES of KEVLAR®! The SLEEVE of KEVLAR® is an install-and-forget item. It protects nylon shockcords from ejection gases. A burned or brittle nylon cord will eventually snap.

  • Made of high temperature KEVLAR®!
  • Surrounds your shock cord with protection!
  • 30" in length

Only $12.95





Nomex Flame Resistant Blankets

 Made from the same material that race car drivers use to protect themselves, this popular items help to offer protection to you recovery gear.








24" x 24"  -  Up to 7.51" Airframe 


36" Long

FRB-Sleeve  Nomex Cord Protector






Aerotech Parachutes

Aerotech Parachutes fully pre-assembled and come with 6 shroud lines and are of the same high quality as all other Aerotech products. Professionally made, they offer stable recovery at an affordable price. Great for small and medium sized rockets. All Aerotech Parachutes are bright yellow in color adding in spotting them at apogee.

Order #




A-Par 16

16" Fabric Parachute



A-Par 22

22" Fabric Parachute



A-Par 30

30" Fabric Parachute



A-Par 42

42" Fabric Parachute







PML Recovery

Parachute Size vs Weight Chart

(Requires Acrobat reader)

PML Parachute Prep Guide

All PML Parachutes are of highest quality material, professionally made, 15 degree conical design, rip-stop nylon construction and a spill hole at the apex to reduce sway and drift. 


Order #





18" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

0.6 oz.



24" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

1.6 oz.



30" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

2.4 oz.



36" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

2.9 oz.



48" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

4.1 oz.



54" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

4.8 oz.



60" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

8.3 oz.



72" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

9.5 oz.



84" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

11.9 oz.



96" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

25.5 oz.



120" Rip-Stop Nylon Conical Parachute

28 oz.



 PML Streamers & Drouge

Order #




PML Streamer

4" x 144" Heavy Duty Nylon Streamer




30" X 30" Olive Drab or Black






LOC/Precision Recovery

Made exclusively by LOC/PRECISION, these chutes are the rocketeer's first choice.  These parachutes use nylon braided shroud line in 155 lb. and 210 lb. tensile strengths.  All chutes come in hi-visibility colours and are perfect for light, medium, and heavy weight rockets.

Order #


Coast Rocketry's Price


14" Parachute - 6 line



18" Parachute - 8 line



28" Parachute - 8 line



36" Parachute - 12 line



50" Parachute - 16 line



60" Parachute - 16 line



78" Parachute - 16 line



86" Parachute - 24 line



NEW at Coast Rocketry

Spherachute Plus+ Recovery


Giant Leap Rocketry and Spherachute teamed up to create a winner based on the standard Spherachute. It's a true hemispherical panel chute employing a ULTRA HIGH QUALITY high drag design

·         Tight, high density stitch, made to last!!!

·         400 LBS-TEST SHROUDS!

·         SPILL HOLE to reduce sway and drift

·         STRONG Rip stop Nylon

·         Sharp contrasting 2-color design

·         Tried and proven!

·         All chutes come with high quality swivels. 

·         36" and larger come with 1000 LBS SWIVEL already attached!

·         Each 36", 48" and 60" chute comes with its own carrying case.


Spherachute Plus+


Coast Rocketry's Price

18" Parachute


24" Parachute


36" Parachute


48" Parachute


60" Parachute 




Spherachute Single Piece Flat


Coast Rocketry's Price

12" Parachute


18" Parachute


24" Parachute


30" Parachute


36" Parachute


48" Parachute


60" Parachute 


* Note - Single piece flat chute do not come with swivel and bag.


 "NOMEX® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont De Nemours and Company."
"KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont De Nemours and Company."

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