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TAC-1 Parachutes


TOUGHEST chute in high power!

TAC-1 is now in a new, gorgeous, high visibility color....neon fire red and black with purple lines.  




Tear-resistant - All (and we mean all) seams are reinforced with nylon webbing.
Strong - 1/2" mil spec tubular nylon (1400 lbs test) all around the canopy.
Lightweight - 1.1 oz silicone-coated low-porosity ripstop nylon.
No Tangle Design - only four suspension lines! 1500# test swivel for tangle-free descents.
Giant Leap has secured the exclusive rights to market this chute

Strong and gorgeous is how most people describe the TAC-1.
It's a  high quality chute for high-end applications.
We think it's the strongest and most stable chute
in the industry. You'll be thrilled at the price.

We've looked.....we can't find a higher quality chute than the TAC-1.

All the seams (every-last-one) is strength-reinforced
with nylon webbing. It doesn't get any stronger.
Every seam, every fold, every line, is made with
the high-end flyer in mind. Did we mention it's low price?

It has the strongest barrel swivel available #1500 test
from the 24" chute to the 72". Other sizes coming soon.
Level-3 guys, hang tight - there's an awesome TAC-1 coming for you.
Oh, in case you missed it; it's less expensive.


Chute Size Decent Weight @ 17 fps Price
24"  1 LB $28.95
36" 2.5 LBS $49.95
48" 5.0 LBS $69.95
60" 10 LBS $97.50
72" 15 LBS $119.95
24" TAC-Drogue 24" Drogue Chute $32.50


THE TAC-1  - -  a stronger chute for less money.

and the

24" TAC-Drogue

(super strong 1.9 oz coated ripstop)
  The Toughest Drogue in high power




TAC-9 Parachutes


Quarter - Spherical design
from dragster technology

7000 Pound-Test Swivel!!

The TAC-9 is pure quality. The sewing around the bridle is almost 1/2 a foot
long! Would you trust your big project to anything else?  

....and what a great price!


7000 POUND-TEST SWIVEL!! (It's over 3" long and 2" wide!!!)

TEAR RESISTANT - All seams reinforced with nylon webbing

D-RING AT THE TOP - For attaching a drogue or other component.

STRONG - Tubular nylon all around the canopy

TOUGH - Extra strength 1.9oz coated, low porosity ripstop nylon

NO TANGLE DESIGN - Only four extra-strength suspension lines

Chute Size Decent Weight @ 16 fps Price
TAC-9A  96" 20 LBS $174.95
TAC9-B 144" 42 LBS $236.50
TAC-9-C 168" 70 LBS $297.95
24" TAC-Drogue 24" Drogue Chute $32.50





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