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Easy Ejection Charges


1.5ml and 2ml Ejection Charge Tubes

10 per pack


1.5 gram holders $1.85 / package of 10
2.0 gram holders $2.35 / package of 10


This is one of the easiest ways to make up a ejection charge. It is so easy to do in the field, all you need is a igniter, sharp knife, tape, Black Powder and a "Ejection Charge Holder".

Cut the end off the tube, slide your igniter through the hole.

Our tubes are graduated and hold either a maximum of 1.5 or 2ml of fluid. The graduated marks correspond  with the same in grams of either FFF or FFFF Black Powder (BP). For example:         1ml = 1g BP,    1.5ml =1.5g BP

Slide the igniter so it is almost to the bottom of the tube.

Wrap the bottom end of the tube with tape to prevent any of the BP from spilling out. Pour in the desired amount of BP. Pack the top with cellulose wadding, snap the lid on and you have a ejection charge made up in a matter of minuets.

1.50cc Ejection Charge Holder
10 for $1.85

2.00cc Ejection Charge Holder
10 for $2.35



For details on our line of igniters, click here to view our E - Matches ] page


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