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Giant Leap Motor Adapters




1) Slide 75mm motor into adapter, thread on 75mm ring 2) Tighten motor in place with tool.

3) Slide adapter into 98 Slimline retainer 4) Thread on the 98mm retaining ring

5) That's it. Lock it down and go fly!


75-98mm Threaded Slimline Adapter... $59.95
75 Threaded Slimline adapter ring... $23.95
98/75 Threaded Slimline tool... $5.95
Set of all the above... $84.95

Giant Leap Rocketry is now shipping motor adapters specifically designed for the SLIMLINE retainers. Like the retainers, the new SLIMLINE Motor Adapters are machined from T-6061 aluminum. The SLIMLINE Motor Adapters, when used with the SLIMLINE Retainers, produce a completely integrated motor retention system. The motor adapters work as follows: Suppose you're using a 38mm motor in a rocket with a 54mm motortube. Insert the 54-38mm SLIMLINE Motor Adapter into your motortube and lock it in place (as you would a 54mm motor) using the 54mm SLIMLINE Retainer already on your rocket. Then insert the 38mm motor into the SLIMLINE Motor Adapter and lock it into place using the retainer built into the adapter. It's that simple!!

SLIMLINE adapters come with clear instructions. Can be used with Aero Pack retainers too! SLIMLINE adapters are LONG! Can easily handle J570 easy access motors. Assemble with heat resistant adhesive.

2) Lock it in place with retaining ring
1) Insert adapter into rocket that is pre-equipped with a SLIMLINE motor retainer.

4) Lock motor in place with retainer built into adapter.
3) Insert motor into adapter

Adapters for 54-38mm... $37.50
Adapters for 38-29mm... $34.50

76 and 98mm adapters NOW AVAILABLE!

Adapters for 76-54mm... $41.95
Adapters for 98-76mm... $46.50
SLIMLINE motor adapters are fully compatible with Aero Pack retainers!


Giant Leap's motor adapters use all phenolic construction! No plywood rings to pull through!
  • All phenolic construction!
  • No plywood rings!
  • No thrust misalignment!
  • Used by hundreds of rocketeers!
  • Adaptable for minimum diameter!
Use 29mm motor in 38mm tube: $16.95

Use 38mm motor in 54mm tube: $17.95

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