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Ozark ARTS




Ozark ARTS2


The Ozark ARTS2 altimeter is a new recording altimeter with many advanced features previously unavailable to rocketeers in an affordable package.


  • 2 fully programmable pyro channels for chute deployments, air start, staging, etc.
  • can be configured to fire after any detected flight event (launch, motor burnout, apogee, programmable altitude) with an optional time delay after selected event
  • Accelerometer as well as Barometric operation (immune to mach effects)
  • Recording sample frequency selectable: 200Hz, 100Hz, 50Hz, 20Hz, 10Hz
  • 26 min (max) recording time, 10 Samples/Sec
  • 82 sec recording time at 200 Samples/Sec
  • Terminal port for connection to a computer for data download
  • Enough memory to store data for two flights on board
  • Two programmable flight profiles stored on board (switch selectable at flight time)
  • Field-reprogrammable firmware
  • Beeps max altitude on landing
  • GPS support via RS232 interface for easy connection to any RS232 NMEA2.0 GPS
  • 3.75"L x 1.4"W Fits in a 38mm Airframe.
  • Two mounting options: four .125" mounting holes (#4 screw) or two #6 screws
  • Use a single 9v battery (or any 9V-25V DC power source)

The ARTS 2 now offers the option to use a second power source to provide extra power for the outputs.





Ozark has replaced the manufacture of the Arts with the ARTS2.

In keeping with our ongoing effort to service our clientele, Coast Rocketry will continue to post these download links for the user manual.

Ozark ARTS User Manual in Adobe PDF format  


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